Tying the knot?

Tying the knot?

A party, a dress, some photos, bridesmaids in frumpy dresses, a cake, a honeymoon, a marriage right, err wrong.

Marriage is a wonderful thing, it is an expression of love and the desire for two people to forge a life together, knowing they are loved, supported and loving. Striking the balance within that complex relationship can be a challenge, there will be times when you want to walk away (or run), but ultimately you know you love the other person 'with all your heart' and you need to know how to make it through the bad times, the good times, the challenges and the family Christmases at the beach.

When you met you were attracted to a whole and complete person, they fascinated you, intrigued you, they made you smile just by thinking of them. Many people think of marriage as two people becoming one, but if each lose the things that make them unique, you are doomed. My sessions will teach you the skills you need not only to face the journey of marriage where you become a team, facing the world together, travelling a common path, but also retain your uniqueness, which will keep the spark alive.

There are aspects of marriage that people who 'live together' do not see, often until it is too late. Working with you we will be able to see the whole plan of your intended marriage, the good part and the bad. You will learn to listen to what your life partner wants, needs and feels and also to gain a voice of your own, to express your inner 'workings' effectively.

By learning how to be both yourself and part of 'team us' , you will be able to enjoy your married life with a deeper understanding. Savouring the success and working together through the challenges as a solid loving couple. Over a series of 6 sessions we will build a framework on which you can develop your own model marriage, there are no hard and fast rules, no blue print for success, but like painting a beautiful picture, there are skills and methods for holding the brush, and learn these and you will be able to paint the picture you see in your head.

Often men dread, or worse ignore the wedding day planning. They say it is 'her' day, think again, it is your marriage, from day one. Let me show you how helping to plan before the wedding day is a great way to build the foundation or your life together.

Gaining a deeper understanding of your future spouse will only heighten and increase your love. The skills that I share with you both will last you a lifetime, together. Why not contact me and ensure you future-proof your marriage?

Tying the knot?

Wedding Celebrant

As I have given you my hand to hold.... So I give you my heart to keep

Remember this is YOUR day……make it all you want it to be.

Do you have an image in your mind of what your perfect wedding day is going to be like? Has it been there for a long time, and this is going to be the 'day of your dreams'? Everyone we have worked with is keen to create a perfect celebration that ensures everyone has long-lasting happy memories of their wedding day.

We listen to what you share with me and together we create your wedding ceremony. Your wedding day is about you, and my aim is to see your smiling faces at the end of the ceremony, when you realise that it was exactly how you wanted your day to be.

Whether you want your occasion to be simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary, you can have peace of mind knowing that we'll be by your side making sure all the details of the ceremony are handled beautifully.

We help you bring your ideas to life, not tell you how your ceremony should be. We like to get to know you both, and hear how you arrived at this wonderful day, who is special to you and what elements you would like in your ceremony. Our celebrant services include:
  • We meet to discuss your ceremony
  • We guide you along the way and we work together to get the ceremony as you want it
  • Advice on the order, legal content and process of your ceremony
  • A rehearsal
  • And the wedding day ceremony

Each wedding is different and the price will depend on the location of your ceremony. One size doesn‘t fit all and we will tailor what I do to fit your specific needs. We do, however, believe in being open an honest about our fees. The prices listed below give an indication of a fee average.
  • Weddings within Hamilton $450
  • Weddings within greater Waikato $495
  • Weddings within Auckland $550

We will give you a full quote, depending on travel (we am based in Hamilton). It will include:

A meeting to discuss and plan the ceremony Examples of vows and ring exchange words Writing the ceremony Conducting the ceremony A meeting a few days before your wedding day Travel A copy of the ceremony for your records

A $100 non-refundable deposit is requested to secure the booking, and the balance is usually paid prior to the wedding. Our fee reflects the time we spend ensuring your ceremony is personal to you. Please feel free to phone or email us.

Don Oliver or Dorothy Oliver - we are both Marriage Celebrants - take your pick