Comments from past and ongoing customers

I have worked with many people on an individual level, teams to improve dynamics and organisations to facilitate positive change.

"I met Dorothy Oliver early 2010 when, as a Coach, she next came to study NLP in depth at Communications Plus. Dorothy has successfully completed both the Practitioner and Master Practitioner certifications in NLP, and has proven herself to be skilled and competent in working with wide ranges of people in a variety of situations. Combining her prior experiences and coach training with NLP, Dorothy is a caring, supportive and insightful Coach. Go see to progress your life and business."
Mark Klaassen, Trainer, NLP Training
"I have worked with Dorothy on several occasions over the past five years. Dorothy is a wonderful leader, trainer and coach who demonstrates integrity, respect, trust and passion for people. Dorothy is a world-class coach who challenges and supports people to new heights. If you are looking at engaging Dorothy as a coach then I highly recommend that you proceed as she is someone that you want on your team!!"
Denis Gianoutsos, Owner, Maximum Stretch Limited
"These days, trying to achieve personal and business goals is very difficult without a personal mentor to encourage, keep you on course and energize you. I have known Dorothy Oliver for many years. She has worked in this field for decades (including her experience as a former fulltime minister of the Gospel where coaching and counseling was a daily event). She has helped more lives than I could possibly count. Dorothy has helped me personally to overcome barriers standing in the way of achieving my vision…clearing away the clutter and honing in on those things that tend to divert and discourage. She is not only extremely skilled and qualified as coach and mentor, but a lovely person with a bubbly personality that makes every encounter special and uplifting. I have absolutely no hesitation in expressing these few words of support and appreciation for her, personally, and for her business."
Terry Camsey, Inspirationalist for Church Catalysts International (USA)
"Flow, Fun, Friendly and Fabulous. Dorothy creates a strong flow state with clients leading to higher level outcomes and deeper insights. She does not follow a rigid prescribed formula and instead draws on many years of experience to co-create with clients a transformative experience. She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty mucking in with clients to work through the hard yards of personal and professional change. She listens deeply and is highly responsive to the client's needs. She avoids directing to the coaches' agenda. Dorothy cuts to the chase of an issue identifying the heart of the matter and succinctly summarising the issue and the necessary action. She isn't afraid to hold the client's feet to the fire providing a fierce friendship and expectation of accountability for results. Her warm personality and generosity of spirit provide a safe container in which clients confidently stretch and go beyond current levels of awareness and achievement. Dorothy retains her own unique style avoiding the detached professional clinical mask. She is very human and brings a great sense of humour and joy to the coaching process. Coaching with Dorothy is fun and works fabulously."
Roger Spiller, Moneymatters, Financial Planner and Author
"Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity “I have utilised Dorthy Oliver's skill as an independent coach and mentor for key staff when they were at cross road career decision times. The ability to have someone impartial ineracting between myself and our employees proved to be extremely valuable and directly resulted in us gaining clarity and a way of moving forward with these key employees in a constructive way"
Allister Daly, General Manager, GN Resound Ltd
"I found myself sitting in front of a stranger one day, not understanding, why I'm here? What is this Coaching Stuff all about? All I knew was that it could be a challenge and that was the reason why I turned up! 1- 2 -3 sessions had passed by and once again I was asking myself the same question. ‘Do I Run!’ or ‘Do I Stay?’ I approached this Stranger like a PITBULL charging into everything, full on Testosterone pumping at 100 km per hr with one thing in mind, I'm right, the worlds wrong. Oh! - And how wrong was I! Now that my time has ended with this Stranger, I look back at this.... My life has turned around in a full circle; I now have given time for everyone who is close to me the chance to KNOW me. The real me or the person I used to be a long time ago. Now I know I can take on the world, but from a different angle and a more humble approach. Thanks to this Stranger who is now a very good friend of mine.......... Her name is DOROTHY OLIVER."
The Leopard, NZDF
"Dorothy is a motivational speaker about her business 'Life is Short" and genuine in her approach to her business. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Senior Coach for both corporate situations and individuals. She has changed lives with outstanding results. I would recommend her highly."
Robyn Tubb, Owner, Simply Insurances Ltd
""Get what you want out of life" Dorothy will coach you to achieve your goals and dreams in a time frame that is a LOT quicker than if you did it on your own. We all know how we avoid some of ‘those things’ we don’t really want to deal with! She will help you learn ‘life skills’ to use for a long time in the future. I was going through a really bad patch at work. That situation has completely turned around for me, and my home life and family life is remarkably better as well. I feel in control, peaceful, fulfilled, confident and happy - at work, with my living situation, love life, and my family. What more can you want?"
Audiologist Auckland
"I would like to thank you for the help and encouragement you provided to me earlier this year, in what was a rather traumatic period of my life. As you know, I was rather skeptical of the benefits of coaching when I started, but I was prepared to give it a go, and subsequently found the experience to be very valuable. The goals that we set were all very relevant to my life, and I found that through our weekly discussions that I was able to see things more clearly and hence work on the tasks agreed in a more focused way. I found your approach to be very professional, focused and friendly. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering undergoing similar coaching sessions in the future."
IT Manager
"Thank you for your warm and inspirational guidance over the past few months. Challenging when I needed it and supportive and encouraging when I felt, ‘It just wasn’t working’. I’m so grateful that I was referred to you and encouraged to make contact with you. Coaching is a great motivator. I want to continue building on what I have achieved. I would never have thought it was possible. Coaching does work. Thank you for my garden! I will keep in touch. When the kitchen is completed I will send you a photograph. We went walking for an hour and a half today! Kia tau te ranginarie"
Addiction Manager, Hawkes Bay
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