So What!

So What!

So what can I do for you? Well every client is different and I do not pigeon hole anyone into being standard service. Although based in Hamilton I offer coaching New Zealand wide including Auckland and Wellington, we can do this by using Skype or telephone. There are a number of areas that I work in and these can be loosely classified as follows.

Personal Coaching

There are two ways I can work with you:
  1. A series of 12 coaching sessions where, no matter what your present situation you CAN move from where to are to the life you really want and become the person you really want to be. This will move you into your strengths and personal uniqueness discovering your own inner resources. These conversations can be weekly for rapid, focused attention, or fortnightly over a six month period.
  2. I also offer one-off coaching conversations on a session by session basis.

If you are 18 or 80 you have a life to live, people to relate to, a new stage to face and challenges to overcome.

Relationship / Couples Coaching

Married couples and partners set out to attain a perfect relationship, fulfilling and stimulting. You both deserve this still and coaching will unleash your inner resources and potential. Fantastic for committed couples stepping up and for others choosing to take their first steps upwards.

I also offer, One of Two Coaching and Pre-Marital coaching.

We work together for 10-12 sessions, face-to-face or over the phone.

Business & Family Business Coaching

Most New Zealand businesses are small, with 20 or less staff. This means we get to know each other pretty well. You may be interested in planning your vision, strategies and goal setting, or, it may be about communication break-down, people leaving, retraining new people, partnerships breaking up. What if you are already a married couple, set up in business together and it all starts to unravel? We can design a coaching series together to ensure your business, life-balance and relationships more than get back on track – they will fly.

Many business owners like to have ongoing annual coaching, at a flat rate monthly rate.

Leadership Development

Executives have different distinctions, needs, resources and relationships. Would you love to go home on time, feeling empowered about your day; feeling confident in your leadership, decision making, delegation, giving & receiving feedback and conflict resolution, with energy left over for other things?
I offer you a coaching series of 12 sessions, ideally every week over three months, or fortnightly for six months. This can be followed up by another series or a monthly coaching session.


Team Coaching

Working together to develop teams successfully to ensure targets, goals and challenges are met, while taking care of each individual along the way. I understand the stages teams go through and have strong models of coaching through all scenarios.

Your team may be sales people, customer service providers, an entire small business, a group with a mission to accomplish – the options are many.

Mentoring other Coaches

Mentoring over the phone, to ensure you, as a coach of others, are taking full care of your client, yourself and are steadily becoming a bold, intuitive, fully-present (no hidden agenda’s of your own!), listening to what is said and what isn’t said and stepping up as a powerful questioner.

I also offer mentoring for others on the pathway to becoming a professional certified coach with the ICF.

Supervision for others in the people business

When you work with people all day, you might have a requirement to ensure you debrief with a supervisor – or – you just know this is what you need. Meeting once a month with an independent person, talking over the things that have ‘come up for you’, exploring new thinking, options, insights and habits – would mean you are an amazing team leader, case manager, customer service operator, church leader – and will stay that way, free of stress, loving life and knowing you are helping others and live a balance life yourself.