How Short Is Your Life?

How Short Is Your Life?

Test Your Life Span

Human Beings (as far as we know) are the only creature on the planet that know that one day they will die.

This fact is made even stranger when you think that the vast majority of us try to ignore that fact and live life as if it is going to last forever.

This simple test is designed to make you think a little about just how much of your short life you have left ahead of you. Please add the year of your birth and answer the questions.

Make Every Day Count!

You are capable of greatness. Why settle for less than the best? Think about it. Life changes can start now.

Where were you born?

Year of birth


Your Body shape

Do You Smoke?

Do You Drink?


But more importantly…It isn’t the number of seconds, but the number of seconds left to LIVE that are important.

  • What is the greatest achievement of your life ?
  • What have you NOT done that you wish you had?
  • Do you enjoy your job or career?
  • Are you happy with your life?
  • What is your dream holiday?
  • What do your relationships and friends mean to you?
These are some of the big questions that I work with my clients to solve. I never tell people what they should do, I work with them to ensure that they do not let themselves talk themselves out of living life to its fullest.

Often it is easier and more comfortable to stick to what you know and not take a chance to step up and achieve your true potential.

Not everyone I work with will become an Olympic athlete or multi millionaire (unless they want to), but every client I have worked with has gained insights of themselves and their circumstances which brought changes so that they are achieving their dreams, goals and experience fulfillment.