If you are working constantly with others, you know the power of have a monthly supervising session.

You might be in a government department working closely with the public, you might be an Executive or Team Leader, or you might even be an athlete, sports coach, spiritual leader, teacher or in a call-centre.

Imagine how great it would be for your leadership to have a sounding-board, someone to keep you on track, someone to challenge your ideas and bring your best thoughts out of you.

Perhaps you just need someone to ‘dump’ on, who is outside of your normal reporting lines!

Contact me for a discussion and discover the difference to your week through us working together.


People who use our supervision are leaders, health professionals, disability sector leaders, new leaders, government leaders, new business owners where money is tight for full coaching, not for profit sector leaders, people wanting to get a cutting edge for promotion, and anyone working under pressure with people


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