Leaders & Business Owners

Leaders & Business Owners

Workplace Coaching & Leadership

On paper that employee seemed to be just right for the job, a perfect person to strengthen your team and help you to build your business to greater heights, but somehow they haven’t worked out.

It is not that they are failing to do their job, it is that they don’t seem to be living up to your expectations of them.

So what is wrong? Unless you are trained the chances are you will have to wait for them to leave and hope you do better with the next employee in the role.

Does this seem familiar? Well how about a different suggestion, how about you having coaching, and investing in the same for your employee. See if we can’t all work together to achieve your (and their) aims and goals.

The cost of recruitment is high, the lost profit from an employee who is just ‘doing their job’ can be intangible, the investment in one on one coaching for employees is invaluable.

So don’t waste time worrying about an employee, get some help. I work with many individuals and teams to help them all achieve their personal and professional potential.

Leaders & Business Owners

Leading from the front

Have you been recently promoted and would love some clarity of thinking around your leadership style and capacity building?

Do you know it would be a huge benefit to you if you took some time out for yourself and really discovered your strengths, skills and opportunities so that you were ready for that next step in your career, stepping into your born leadership roles with confidence and integrity?

Give yourself a boost, discuss a coaching series with your work/business, as a way for them to add value into your life. You could be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Running a Small Business - perhaps just the two of you?

Did you start a business, or thinking of starting one, with a friend, partner or spouse with the greatest of intentions, fully committed to success and great financial gain?

How’s it going now?
Have you moved into a clash of vision or direction, management or staff? Have you set up to pursue your business dream and have communication challenges or are struggling to define your work/relationship benchmarks?

The cost of choosing to change your income base is far larger than choosing to work with me and create a business and great communication that could thrive in the face of all these hurdles.

Procrastination is the thief of time and remember LIFE IS SHORT. Contact me now, I offer an obligation-free initial meeting - let's work on getting you the most from your business, and adding value to your community.


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