It's Tough at the Top

It's Tough at the Top

As a Business Owner, member of the C-Suite, or an Executive Director decisions stop with you.

Everyone looks to you for answers, guidance, help, advice, infinite knowledge and often pure and instant wisdom. Actually it isn't just tough at the top, it is often impossible.

From vision, mission, values, strategic direction, operational goals, actions, challenges, partnerships, culture, employing, performance appraisals and management, people - it all eventually hits your computer, or, is up to you to instigate.

Do you find yourself swamped with other peoples problems, they are either afraid to, or won't make a decision without asking you. You have your own role to conduct, without the troubles of others slowing you down.

For these reasons it is often difficult to find help and guidance from within your own business or organisation. Whether people give you 'lip service' or simply expect you to 'know', getting coached by an independent person makes logical sense.

Let me help you to find the way you wish to go.

With my 'outsider' eyes I can help you to see your way forward, to both where you want to go and where you need to take your organisation. This will involve solo sessions with me and could sometimes involve bringing in other members of your team.

It's Tough at the Top

Imagine becoming the leader who enables your organisation to grow through the speed of change, and communicates, leads a team that works together through mutual trust. Where there once may have been a reluctance to follow you, now you are racing to keep up with them!

Through an ongoing programme of coaching sessions we will work together to define, create, vision, establish and accomplish the best ways forward. Leading effectively both yourself, your team, your suppliers, your customers/clients, and possibly even your family.

It is not always fun or easy, but, it is always empowering, solution-focused and positive. In fact, there could be times of new insights and understandings and challenges where you think - wow, what have we started here - and then you will know, that this is the time to keep moving forward.

Another aspect to consider is how you are going to escape where you are now. Everyone needs an exit strategy, a plan for the future that will take them to the next level, the next stage in their life or career. You don't want to leave your organisation in the lurch, but eventually, you will want to leave. Let me show you how you can make this a seamless, painless and exciting process.

If you would like to experience coaching with me, please call me now or send me an email and we can meet up.


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