Have you ever SWOTted your business?

Have you ever SWOTted your business?

We have all worked on and conducted SW0T's on our businesses, but have you ever considered doing one that included you in the analysis?

It is easy enough to sit down and work out all the factors affecting your business in an almost clinical way with regards to external threats and internal recourses, but have you considered your part of the equation.

In quantum physics there is an effect known as 'The Observer Theory' which in a nutshell theorizes that at a quantum level the presence and simple actions of the observer watching and recording an event actually have an affect on the event, even if there is no apparent interaction from the observer. In the same way, your presence within your organisation and observations of your SWOT planning has an effect. Many people do not understand that they are not just an observer they are part of the 'event'.

Our SWOT on Steroid's sessions have proven to be both very insightful but also great fun for our clients. Learning to understand your place within the organisation and the affect your actions (or inactions) have will allow you to be more focused on the outcome.

To use a rugby expression, SWOT on Steroids really helps you to put skin in the game. Without the removed status of simple observer you will understand yourself and your organisation in a new perspective.

If you are interested in seeing how this service can help you to be more aware of your role, self and organisation, please call t o make an appointment.