Government Departments

Government Departments

Leading or managing diverse teams of staff within Local or National Government can prove very challenging. We can tailor a coaching service to meet your needs and if relevant expand it to meet the needs of your team.

With the drive to improve quality of the service delivered and the ever watchful eye of public opinion, have a team that works well together and is effective in delivering the service to the public is essential.

The growth of 'Government as a business' and profit cente attitudes to delivering traditional social and support services has meant that many managers who are great at their job have been left feeling a little out on a limb having had no formal training on running teams in the way of the modern public service.

We have seen a growing frustration with people who just want to get on with their role, but are required to develop a team to be more business minded. We won't turn you into business manager, but we can help you to develop the skills you need to operate as you are want to.

We have worked with many differing Local and National government departments to help them achieve their goals.
If you would like to know more bout how we may be able to help you bring your team together as an effective and cohesive unit please call or email.

Government Departments

Coach Specific Training Programmes

Would a Training programme for people and teams to lead as coaches, and how to have intentional coaching conversations knowing how to start, navigate through the meeting, and leaving with clear, specific ways forward help your people?

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